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world of twins

The World of Twins!

Welcome to the World of Twins! I am a happy mom of twin boys who are my world, ever since they were formed in my womb.

Until then, I never knew that something or someone could keep me so engaged more than my software job and my husband. LoL 😉 But it happened!

There they came and my world was completely revamped but in a more adorable way! All my mechanical life was thrown into a bin including my job 🙂 and I became a person whom I loved and dreamed to be. Yes, a Mom, a Stay at home Mom and a Mom of twins.

They are 3 yrs and 6 months by now and this is when I have found some time to think of something outside our world and there came this blogging idea. Of course, how can they be even out of this? Yeah, they are here too and my first ever blog is about no one else other than them.

At Twins and Me, I am planning to share my experience in bringing up the twin kids. So this can be a guide to someone(expecting mother of twins) or someone can have an enjoyable reading experience wondering how the world of twins could be or someone might think “oh! here is a fellow mom sailing in the same boat”.

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So what can you expect on my blog?

This won’t be a routine update on the everyday journey or life of my twin boys. Rather I am aiming to be more generic, where I will try to cover almost all areas in parenting twins – the essentials, the challenges foreseen, the products required, health, emotional and psychological management for both mom and the twins etc.,

Let’s get started and hope you will be having a joyful ride on this roller coaster. You will soon get to know why I call this a roller coaster ride 😉

Being a mother of twins is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had before!


Image credits: by kangheungbo via pixabay

About Janani Viswanathan

Janani Viswanathan, is a proud stay @ home mom of twin boys and an ex-software professional. She rejoices her motherhood and spreads the happiness by sharing her experience in raising twin kids. She loves to explore the world of parenting and discover numerous ways to bring up emotionally and physically strong children. If she isn't blogging, then you can presume that her little ones are keeping their mom busy.

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