Second Trimester of Twin Pregnancy – What should you look for?

How are your babies developing in the second trimester of twin pregnancy? What changes will you feel in your body? How can you interact with your twins?

The period covering 14 to 26 weeks of your pregnancy is the second trimester. First Trimester might have moved on with the excitement of knowing about twins and the overwhelming pregnancy symptoms. By now you must have started to cope with the physical and emotional changes that were overpowering you. So what can you anticipate in the second trimester of twin pregnancy?

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The Second Trimester of Twin Pregnancy

In the second trimester of twin pregnancy, your fetuses will begin to develop distinctive features. They would be soon sucking, swallowing, kicking and moving around. Towards the end of this trimester, your twins would form their unique fingerprints. They would even open their eyes and start to blink!

The Bump and the Kicks

Your bump will be growing bigger now, compared to other moms with a single fetus. For instance, at 4 months your baby bump will look like 5-6 months bump of a mother carrying a single fetus.

Not only the bump, the little geniuses will they themselves inform you with their cute little kicks. With a twin pregnancy, there is a high possibility to experience the kicks much earlier than in a singleton pregnancy. This may be due to the space constraint in the womb. But don’t worry if you could not feel the kicks earlier.

Experts suggest that some first-time moms often could not feel the real fetus movement. They get confused between the kicks/fetus movements with the gastrointestinal activity.

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Time to Chit-Chat

Your twins could hear sounds by now. They would be already listening to your rhythmic heartbeat and your digestive burbles. They will be recognizing your voice and the different tones while you speak. Start talking to them, play good music and hear good positive thoughts or stories.

Keep your palm on your bump and tell them what is happening around, what you are eating, how do you feel about them, how eager you are to see them and of course how much you love them. They may not understand, but your voice will become more dear to them. They will feel more safe and secured hearing from you, both in the womb and once they arrive in this world. Your partner can also join in this daily conversations, so the little buddies will get to know their dad even before birth 🙂

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Be Ready for some Discomfort

Some of the early third trimester symptoms might start showing up in the late second trimester. You might experience some discomfort like lower backaches, leg cramps due to the extra weight that you are carrying. Prenatal yoga and exercise can help to get rid of the aches, but with proper guidance.

So by now, you have crossed two-thirds of your charming journey! Only three more months left to see your twin joy! This journey has been incredible so far, what more excitement is in store for you? Read about the third trimester of twin pregnancy.

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How are your babies developing in the second trimester of twin pregnancy? What changes will you feel in your body? How can you interact with your twins?


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