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New year gives a new start for life. What can be the New year resolutions of a mother? A complete set of New Year resolution ideas for Moms & Kids is here.

Before jumping into the post, here is my heartfelt New year wishes to you and your family! May this year bring all the Happiness, Peace, Good health and Prosperity in your lives and transform your dreams into reality!! Most of you will be having your resolutions ready for this new year. Your resolutions can be pertaining to your career or personal life. Do you know what could be the new year resolutions of a mother?

A mother??? Yes! You read it right. A mother whose world is enclosed and engulfed by her kids! She has a mechanical routine – cooks, does laundry, takes care of the family and does all other odd jobs. Do you wonder what paramount goals can she have in this monotonous life?

Definitely! She can and She will! A mother can have many meaningful resolutions. Only thing is that, her goals may look trivial for the world, but they are of utter importance to her. She will have numerous significant goals set than you could even imagine.

Today I will be sharing with you my new year resolutions as a mother. If you are incurious about my resolutions, you can happily jump over to the New Year resolution ideas for Mothers (& Kids) section. I have created a printable with a huge collection of goals for you and your children.

The New Year and the Optimism

Whether the new year goes the way we wish it to be or not, we all want to start the year with that positive vibe. We take it as a chance to correct our mistakes, groom our-self and make our life much more better.

We enter every new year with a hope, with a dream! Set new goals, reconcile our long lagging resolutions, promise ourselves to achieve each of them and be on track. We vow to emerge as a new person with fresh mind and soul. We hope to be more and more peaceful and happy! Finally, We wish to become the one we love to become!

Yes! The primary resolution of every mother is to become that MOM we love & dream to become!

The New Year Resolutions of a Mother

New year gives a new start for life. What can be the New year resolutions of a mother? A complete set of New Year resolution ideas for Moms & Kids is here.

As mothers, we strive hard, slog, sacrifice and do everything that we could to give the best to our children and become a Perfect Mom! But a “Perfect Mom” is something that is unachievable.

We tailor ourselves in every possible aspect, every day to cater the needs of our children. But still we often cannot satisfy ourselves that we are doing the Mother job right with perfection. We can never be satisfied as there can never be an ideal mom.

A mother does everything for her kids with pure love and affection, which cannot be measured in any scale. But that doesn’t stop the mothers from giving their best. They have their own scale, they rate themselves often and want to become much better. They always desire to do more and more and more for their kids.

We cannot be ideal moms but we can be better moms!

So just like every other Mother, these are my resolutions for this new year.

#1 Spend more time with the kids

To a Child, LOVE is spelled T-I-M-E

– Zig Ziglar

If there is one precious thing that we can give our children, it can be nothing more than our presence and time. I am very particular about this and try to spend as much time as I could with my kids. And it is the primary reason, why I wanted to be a Stay at Home Mom.

They are independent and do play and spend time on their own. Still I read with them, play with them, chit chat with them, eat along with them and co-sleep with them whenever possible. We have our own little world and couldn’t stay away from each other for long.

However, every day is not the same and at times I end up with other chores. I get clumsy and miss the moments of being with them. This is mainly due to my laziness and under-planning.

So my first goal is to organize my daily routine and make sure I can spend even more time with my kids.

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#2 Do not Yell

Having two kids at home will often result in losing our temper. And when they are of the same age, nevertheless to say you will feel like screaming pretty often. They fight, they argue, they gang up and do all the naughty stuffs, throw tantrums and they often hurt each other.

In-spite of all these I try to be keep my cool most part of the day. But towards the end of the day the patient, calm mommy in me will be super tired and couldn’t resist but start yelling. Especially when they hurt each other I couldn’t stop myself from shouting.

My Second goal is to be more calm and patient, stop yelling and handle drastic situations with a cool head.

#3 Do not make compromises

Our kids are the ones who are directly impacted by our actions.

Children grow up in the environment that we establish for them.

For instance, if we are not very social, then our kids will not get a chance to mingle with others and will lack social skills. Or If we are not conscious about healthy eating, our kids will end up having bad food habits. So we should make sure that we are not compromising our kids life due to our inabilities.

So my third goal is to identify my actions which are impacting my kids and make sure I don’t compromise their health, behavior or happiness because of it.

#4 Teach them to manage their emotions

This is one thing I want my kids to practice more and become better. They hurt each other often as they couldn’t control their disappointment, desire, anger and frustration. I constantly advice them to be calm and resolve the issues through words. But they are very tiny to understand and follow the instructions every time. I am trying out different ways to teach them which are good emotions and which are bad.

My fourth goal will be to educate them to mange their emotions.

#5 Follow and then Preach

Whatever we preach will reach the intended audience only when we ourselves follow our words.

This is true for everyone and kids are no exception. I dig and find what is good for my kids and try to raise them with good, healthy habits. But as an adult, I have developed few habits which though I know are not good for me, still couldn’t resist from doing them.

For instance, I never allow my kids to take instant noodles or any instant food considering the bad effects it can have on their health. I explain them its bad for their health and they should not take it. But till now I couldn’t resist myself from eating instant foods on certain occasions. When my kids catch me red-handed, I feel embarrassed and search for words to justify my action. I end up letting them question my advice to not eat instant foods.

So my fifth goal is to follow before I Preach something.

#6 Let go off the Mommy Guilt

A mother does all that she can for the wellness of her children and family. In the course of nurturing her family, she often forgets what she needs and what interests her. This sometimes pushes her to the verge of depression. Yet she recovers herself and gets back to the normal routine. In-spite of all those things she does for her kids and family, she feels guilty of few other things which she couldn’t cope up with.

“Remember Mama!

You cannot do each and everything, every time!

There will be moments where you have to relax and your kids and family can adjust!

There is no necessity to feel guilty about it!

My sixth goal is to let go off the Mommy Guilt and keep moving.

So this is my set of resolutions for this New Year as a Mother. There are many more goals pending and the list is endless. I felt there is no point in having too many resolutions and messing up everything.  So I selected only few of the goals and made this short list to make sure I achieve each one of them.

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New Year Resolution Ideas for Moms (& Kids)

I listed my little list of resolutions above. Now I will be listing down a big list of New year resolution ideas for Mothers(& Kids – which is also for their Mothers 🙂 ).

This can help you in identifying those goals which will be perfect for you and your children in this new year. ( Free Printable is available at the end of this post )

For the Mother

New year gives a new start for life. What can be the New year resolutions of a mother? A complete set of New Year resolution ideas for Moms & Kids is here.

For the Kids

New year gives a new start for life. What can be the New year resolutions of a mother? A complete set of New Year resolution ideas for Moms & Kids is here.

To all those fabulous and incredible mamas out there,

I believe I reflected some of your resolutions here and sincerely wish you to succeed and achieve all your goals set for this new year. I wish you all to bring out that BETTER MOM in you everyday.

Once again, wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year!

Were these resolutions helpful for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

If you found this post to be valuable, feel free to share it with your fellow Moms.

Free Printable

Check out this free printable with a massive list of NEW YEAR RESOLUTION IDEAS FOR MOTHERS(& KIDS). Make your short list from this and start your new year with high hopes and positivism.


New year gives a new start for life. What can be the New year resolutions of a mother? A complete set of New Year resolution ideas for Moms & Kids is here.


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New year gives a new start for life. What can be the New year resolutions of a mother? A complete set of New Year resolution ideas for Moms & Kids is here.

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