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Overcoming the natural dependency in twins and fostering self-reliance is significant. Check out our salient tips for triggering individuality in twins.

With all the strenuous effort that goes with raising twins, we tend to forget some minor yet more significant factors. One such point is fostering individuality in twins. Most of the twins are bound to do similar activities in a similar way. To quote it simple, they inevitably follow each other in many aspects of their childhood. For their mature and independent life, it is essential to inculcate individuality in twins as early as feasible. You need to ease their dependency and shape them to be more self-reliant.

Encouraging Individuality in Twins

When I say, ‘Everything goes together with Twins’, it doesn’t mean twins will be invariably of the same nature and personality. Many twins who are even identical, will have drastic differences in their character and behavior. Still they will have an inner drive to shadow each other.

Overcoming the natural dependency in twins and fostering self-reliance is significant. Check out our salient tips for triggering individuality in twins.

Our parenting style also contributes much for this dependency. To make things easier with twins, we make them eat, sleep, play and do every other activity in a routine. Running on a schedule is inevitable when you have twins. But the most precious bond they develop as twins also poses a challenge when they grow up. Their minds will be tuned to think and act alike overpowering their self interests and passion. That being said, you should help them to cherish the twin bond and yet bring out their originality and uniqueness.

Here are few ideas to encourage individuality in twins.

#1 Describe the boundaries of Twin Bond

As I expounded earlier, twins will have the disposition to do every single thing in a more identical way. Their minds will be adapted to the routines and schedules. You have to sit down and explain there is typically no necessity to follow each other’s likes and doings.

Assist them in identifying the boundaries of their twin bond. Let them know the value of the precious bond they share as twins. Go ahead and indicate, “This doesn’t stop you from pursuing your own interests”. They should discern the fact,

We are TWINS!

Still we are DISCRETE!

#2 Relax your comfort level

It will be certainly more of a work, to stimulate your twins in their dissimilar areas of interests. You have to spend double the time, juggle between different coaching sessions, cater to their conflicting needs and still cope up with the family essentials.

Letting them engage in the same kind of activity may save your time and sanity. But you will end up compromising their genuine love for something. To instill individuality in twins you may have to undergo some really hard work.

Relax your comfort level.

Motivate them to pursue their unique passion.

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#3 Invest in One-on-One times

With twins, it will always be threesome(twins + mom/dad). You will very rarely have one-on-one times with your kids. But they need a space to think out of their twin world.

Whenever I take one of my twins alone for sometime, within moments he will shoot me the question ” What will he be doing now mama?”. The same happens with my other twin. Being together right from their mother’s womb, its much evident that they cannot stay away for long and neglect thinking about each other and their activities.

Pre-plan and devote more time with your twins individually.

Understand their ability, strengths and interests.

Help them to travel in the path they desire.

#4 Let them explore numerous options

Dispense various options to kindle the interest of your twins. For instance, when you are introducing them to sports, expose them to every possible game like tennis, basket ball, cricket, football, swimming, soccer and more. One may be intrigued with basket ball while the other may be captivated to swim.

Motivate them to choose the one which fascinates and interests them more. Again make clear there is no compulsion to go by the selection of their twin sibling.

An abundance of choices will ignite their curiosity and open the door for self-determination.

#5 Never compare their activities

In general, comparison between any siblings is not a good way of parenting. When you have twins, you will be inevitably comparing them in every facet of their life. It is simply natural, as the kids are of same age. Still you need to be more attentive and try to avoid comparing your little ones and specifically restrain yourself from delivering comments weighing their differences.

When you throw a comparative judgement, it sends a wrong signal to your twin kid. He starts believing that he is expected to do what his twin sibling does. He assumes that he has to gear up and cope with his twin sibling’s abilities. This perfectly ruins his individuality.

Comparison will not let your twins unfold their distinctive personality.

#6 Encourage them to develop a unique style

May be due to the craziness of having twins or for overcoming any tantrums among them regarding who wears what, you may be dressing your twins alike. However this can have an enormous impact on their psychology. They will reckon that they have to  trail around with the same style and looks.

Yet again give them more alternatives and let them opt. Make them wear the attire of their choice, a unique hair style, distinctive shoes and more. Individuality in twins should also reflect in their appearance.

Induce them to come up with their own exclusive identity.

#7 Clearly distinguish their belongings

Sharing is one good virtue that naturally comes with twins. Of course you cannot buy everything in double and you encourage them to divide all those things whichever is shareable. This saves your pocket and also teaches them a good life lesson.

Still after they reach a certain age, it will be wise to let them keep hold of certain stuffs personally for each of them. By this, they will also learn to be independent and take care of their property.

By holding their own belongings, they will pursue how to be self-reliant.

#8 Motivate them to have their own group of friends

Twins are best friends forever. They will always roam around with the same set of friends. But encourage them to have their own pals by letting them to involve in different play groups or community.

There is a famous quote, “Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you what you are. – Vladimir Lenin.”  So friends are the reflection of one’s personality.

Individuality in twins can be inspired by choosing their own like-minded friends.

#9 Appreciate them individually

To make sure you are not upsetting one twin by praising the other who has performed exceptionally well in something, you may appreciate them both and surprise them with similar gifts. This may let down the twin who had made a victory and imprint a mindset that we will always get a gift no matter whoever achieves. So celebrate their winning moments one at a time and buy them distinct gifts reflecting their interests.

Cherish their victories severally and let them solely engross the moment of celebration.

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#10 Provide needed and timely separations

This is the main point which will sculpt your twins as individuals. You have to separate them whenever and wherever needed. It may be in school or a vacation or a play date or a small outing or any other occasion.

A small separation will give the needed space for them to think beyond their twinning perspective. Their minds will be out of the twin box and start thinking for their own self.

Separating twins at the right places and for the right period is imperative to foster individuality in twins.

Right from the time I was carrying my twins in the womb, I was very clear that I should raise them as distinct individuals. But in reality it was not a piece of cake. The twin bond always triumphed over my countless attempts to inculcate individualism. Yet I am still striving hard to bring out their originality and some of the ideas I mentioned above are showing good results for us.

Twin bond is immensely precious.

Yet never let it conquer your twins discrete identity.

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I would also love to hear your views. How important is it to foster individuality in twins? What steps have you taken to implement it, which is working with your twin kids? Please share your cognizance in the comments section.

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Overcoming the natural dependency in twins and fostering self-reliance is significant. Check out our salient tips for triggering individuality in twins.

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