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Meet the Twin Moms is all set to kick-start its journey and I am glad to publish our first interview of this series on Mother’s day. This was not in my plan. What a beautiful coincidence? Isn’t it? Well! So we are heading to a good start. Today our maiden pep talk is with a wonderful twin mom Ms. Sulbha Bathwal from Pune, India. She has 2-years 10-month-old twin boys and she will be sharing her valuable experience of raising twins with us.

If you are a Twin Mom and would like to share your parenting expertise with our readers, Please contact us. We will be happy to feature you.

Over to Sulbha.

Sulbha Bathwal, the DIY Queen

Hi Mamas, I am a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) of pre-school going twin boys. The journey of motherhood and parenting have been beautiful and didn’t allow me to get back to the corporate world. Personally, I am a foodie – a common trait which people having roots to Rajasthan acquire from family. In my pastime, I enjoy cooking, traveling and trying my hands at do-it-yourself (DIY) activities.

I strongly believe that motherhood has been a positive life changer for me and teaches me something new regularly. It is a new experience daily. Recently after receiving positive verbal feedback from my circle of friends and relatives regarding the DIY activities I do with my boys, I decided to pen down the same. This has now grown into an active page on Facebook and a regularly visited blog.

Sulbha shares her experience and cognizance about Raising Twins

Meet the twin Moms is an interview series featuring real life twin moms. Ms. Sulbha Bathwal shares her experience and knowledge about raising her twin boys.

What was your first reaction when you found that you were carrying twins?

I always wanted to have twins but never knew that God will bless me with twins in real. So the moment my gynecologist said I was shocked and pinched myself to check that I am not dreaming.

The moment I disclosed to my husband he was like now Dr will say you are having triplets.

Did you take any special care to cope up with your twin pregnancy?

I wanted my twins to be full term so didn’t want to take a risk and hence was at home whole 9 months. So I went out just for walks and doctor visits. I used to walk inside the house and did quilling, played candy crush game and read magazines and browsed the net.

My mom and MIL were there with me throughout my pregnancy taking turns.

Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? If so, can you share your experience?

Complications as such nothing except I got gestational diabetes and was on insulin thrice a day. I had got thyroid and my cervix was stitched too.

And in the eighth month I started spotting but because of my gynecologist, I delivered at 38 weeks.

Was there any difficulty during your delivery?

I had a pre-planned c-section at 38weeks and post pregnancy also didn’t have any complications.

Were your twins born Premature? Did they stay in NICU? How did you handle the Prematurity and NICU journey?

Thank God I didn’t face this.

How did you handle their infant stage (0-1 yr) and save your sanity? Can you share some tips?

I was at my mom’s place from 2nd month till 5th month and my mom asked me to rest and she took care of the babies. The first month my husband, Mother-in-law helped me. My mom had a nanny for daytime so I could complete my sleep in the day if had to be awake in the night.

Are there days when you were overwhelmed with the mommy guilt and felt that you couldn’t do justice to your twin mom role? If so, how did you overcome this?

I have a guilt that because of being a twin mom I couldn’t exclusively breastfeed my twins. If I had googled or met a lactation expert would definitely have breastfed them.

Do you have any tips for breastfeeding twins? Did you feed them formula? What routine did you follow to feed your babies during the first year?

I couldn’t exclusively breastfeed my twins till 1 year as I was not aware of breast pumps. So they were formula-fed and breastfed. So to overcome the guilt of not exclusively breastfeeding I did extended breastfeeding until 2.9 years.

How did you handle their sleeping pattern?

I always followed a routine which brought sanity in my life. My twin2 till 2months used to be awake the whole night. But after that, things turned and both started sleeping through the night.

I used to make twin1 sleep early in the initial period as twin2 was a late sleeper.

What was the toughest challenge that you faced during their toddlerhood and how did you handle it?

The most difficult thing I found was to take them outdoor all alone and to cope this I hired a part-time maid who helped me to take them to park etc.

How did you potty train your twins?

Potty training was very smooth for me. I used to take them for a pee at every 2 hrs and then dropped day time diapers and then started with night time. Before going to bed I take them for pee and once in the middle of the night. Now when they are 2.10years I didn’t face any accidents from the last 2-3 months.

But still, twin2  doesn’t sit on potty seats.

What is the one thing that you admire from their twin bond?

I love the affection, care, sharing and bond they share with each other. Like if someone gives twin1 something he without any hesitation asks for twin2. Early morning after getting up the first thing they ask for is their brother.

I love and awe this bond which they are sharing before birth.

Do they fall sick together? How do you handle their sick days?

Yes, when they got hand foot mouth. My husband took leave so that we can patiently handle the sickness.

Twin Moms have to be different but are often judged for their varied parenting style. What are the unique challenges that you encounter in your society as a twin mom and how do u deal with them?

Hahaha. I don’t react for this. I was judged, am judged and will be judged but being a twin mom and staying in the nuclear setup I know my parenting style is unique. So to keep my peace I just ignore and move on. I have one policy, “My Babies, My Rules”.

Did you separate your twins in school or did you have them in the same class? Which worked for you and why?

They will start school from June so waiting answers for this question.

How do you describe your life with twins?

Parenting twins is neither difficult nor easy. Just set a routine and ask for help when and where required. It will be smooth.

What will be your supporting words for new twin moms?

Gather as much knowledge as you can and believe that you are doing the best for your babies. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Try to take rest whenever possible. Never ever have any guilt as mothers can never be wrong.

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Janani Viswanathan, is a proud stay @ home mom of twin boys and an ex-software professional. She rejoices her motherhood and spreads the happiness by sharing her experience in raising twin kids. She loves to explore the world of parenting and discover numerous ways to bring up emotionally and physically strong children. If she isn't blogging, then you can presume that her little ones are keeping their mom busy.

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