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expert corner

Until now you have been enjoying the journey of mothers in parenting their twins at Twins and Me. This indeed is the knowledge gained through experience. I felt adding some factual, expertise content with professional touch will support the visitors in a extraordinary way. And this thought has created a exclusive EXPERT CORNER at Twins and Me.

What is in store at Expert Corner?

Expert Advice

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Expert Corner aims at providing professional assistance to parents in bringing up their children at different stages of life. It is not restricted to twin parenting and hence will be informative for all the parents.

This section will have quality advice from well skilled masters themselves. I am reaching out to experts who are specialized in dealing with infants, toddlers or kids in their respective areas of prowess to pen down their opinion and guidance at Twins and Me.

You can also interact with the specialists through the comments section under each post. Submit your queries and they will respond to you as early as possible.
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Kids Oral Hygiene and Care

Dr. Uma Maheswari N, a proficient Pediatric Dentist is here to guide you in inducing good oral habits in children. She will be publishing a series of posts which will help you in fighting the challenges related to your child’s oral health.

Oral hygiene is one important theory which needs to be cultivated in children at a very early age. It is a complex but significant factor which will be challenging in today’s world of junk, sugary and low nutritious food.

Kids of this generation are exposed to more bad food rather than nutrient rich healthy eatables. With the unruly nature of today’s kids, it is becoming very difficult to care for their little teeth. You couldn’t hide them from bad food nor could you make them to brush perfectly. This will eventually spoil their oral health.

Read our expert’s tips and advise to urge good oral hygiene in your children.

Kids Oral Health

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