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Dr. Uma Maheswari N BDS., MDS.,

Dr. Uma Maheswari an accomplished Pediatric Dentist will be guiding you in establishing a robust foundation for your Kids oral hygiene and care.

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Dr Uma Maheswari N

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Dr. Uma Maheswari N holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree. She also bears a Master of Dental Surgery degree specialized in PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY.  She provides an exclusive pediatric dental service in her own premise Children’s Oral Care Center in Salem, India. She is also working as a Professor in the department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry in J.K.K Nataraja Dental college and Hospital, Tamilnadu. She is certified in Laser Dentistry. Her interests are always centered around children and she has attended various child psychology and research oriented courses. She is also a proud mother of two fledglings.

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A child’s flawless smile is the best medicine in the world. My passion towards the little smiles made me choose my career as a pediatric dentist. I love to explore the little one’s mind and always try to implement a positive attitude in their memory.

My main area of interest and research is “Management of dental anxiety in children”. I visit schools and conduct oral health intervention programme to create awareness in children about their dental health. I follow a game based intervention and teach them the importance of the little smile.

I have created interacting games like Dental play box, Snake and Ladder game customized with dental quotes. This has induced good realization in children about oral hygiene.

Today’s little capitalists are tomorrow’s torch bearers. So respect the little one’s smiles as they are the terrible two’s.

I feel very happy to post about Kids Oral Hygiene and Care at Twins and Me. Hope this will be of more help to the parents, wean away the worries about their kids oral hygiene and create a new dimension in children about their oral health.

-Dr. Uma Maheswari N

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Grove Dental Associates

The experts at Grove Dental Associates, a 40-year-old organization will be sharing their invaluable expertise in the field of Pediatric Dentistry at Twins and Me’s Expert Corner.

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Grove Dental Associates is a successful multi-office group dental practice in the Western suburbs of Chicago. With four offices, over 30 doctors and over 40 years of experience, Grove Dental stays on the cutting edge of dentistry to better serve patients. You can know more about them at their official website.

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At Grove Dental, our pediatric dentists are specially trained to care for the unique dental needs of small mouths — infancy all the way through the teenage years. With a focus on prevention, we take the time to educate kids on the importance of good oral hygiene habits and offer many preventative services to protect children from oral problems later in life. Under the gentle care of our pediatric specialists and staff, children feel at ease in our office, which features kid-friendly furniture, movies, prizes and other comfort-enhancing amenities.

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