What are Your Chances of Having Twins? 22

Are you pregnant? Wonder what can be your chances of having twins? Check out some intriguing factors and early symptoms which could hint a twin pregnancy.

There are no words to describe the emotions that fill your heart and soul when you find out that you are pregnant. That feeling you are carrying a life in your womb could never be replaced by any heavenly happiness. You will be completely overwhelmed and flying in the air forgetting your place and anyone’s presence. Will you be startled if I pull you back to the real world and say “you may be possibly carrying twins”? Don’t get mad at me! That is certainly possible. There are few interesting factors which increase your chances of having twins. Some of your early pregnancy symptoms can also signal you about your twin pregnancy.

*All that I am discussing in this post is just for a prophecy and not actual medical advice. Read our Disclaimer page for more details.

The Joy of Having Twins

If you become a Twin Mom, you will indeed become a celebrity! You will be interviewed in all the places by almost every single person you meet. All of us like to watch twins, get to know about their bonding, routines, habits and lifestyle. Twins always carry an excitement and attention around them. Unless anyone knows the bitter truth behind raising twins, everybody would love to have two cute little babies with their handful.

Did I scare you by saying bitter truth behind raising twins? Cool down, I cannot lie here. Raising twins is certainly an arduous job. Your mind and physique will have to run behind your twins to cope with their never-ending needs. You will have to turn into a super mom to parent your twins. Check out my post on the 11 Skills you Develop from Raising Twin Toddlers. Once you read this, you will assimilate what I meant.

Now forget these pains of parenting twins. In spite of all the clumsiness and exhaustion, having twins is adorable. As a mother of twins, you will reside in a magical world. You will get to watch and pursue the beauty of God’s creation in a pair. You will relish every moment of your life by watching the enthralling bond between your twins.

So who will not want to be a Twin Mom? Come, let’s check out your chances of having twins!

Chances of Having Twins

Twin pregnancy is possible in any of the following three scenarios.

  • Normal conception with a family history of twins
  • Normal conception with NO family history of twins
  • Assisted conception(IVF, ICSI etc.,)

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Let’s dig them in detail.

Are you pregnant? Wonder what can be your chances of having twins? Check out some intriguing factors and early symptoms which could hint a twin pregnancy.

Normal conception with a family history of twins

The chances of having twins naturally increase if you have a maternal history of twins. If you or your mother or grandmother have ever given birth to twins or they themselves are one of the fraternal twins, then there is a fair chance for you to be pregnant with twins.

This purely depends on the maternal side no matter whether your partner or any of his relation has ever had twins.

Normal conception with NO family history of twins

There are many factors which can boost your chances of having twins even though twins is not running in your family. I have mentioned few of them below.

Maternal Age:

If you are an older mom-to-be (age more than 35yrs), you have a good chance of twin pregnancy. Many researchers suggest that woman conceiving above 35yrs of age , generate more than one egg per month as they produce more FSH(Follicle stimulating Hormone).

Prior pregnancies:

If you have already given birth to fraternal twins, possibilities are there for you to conceive with twins again. Also if you have already had more pregnancies(like more than 4) and got pregnant very easily, you can look for twin conception. You might be having a good ovulation rate which can foster the possibilities of twin pregnancy.

Race and demographic conditions:

Studies reveal that Africans have a high possibility of delivering twins. Specially Nigerian women have the highest twin pregnancy rate. Along with the race, the demographic conditions and the food we consume also contributes to the possibility of twin conception.

For example, a Nigerian women living in a totally different culture and not based out of Nigeria has a comparatively less chance to conceive with twins than if she had been living in Nigeria.

Your physique:

Taller women or overweight women have higher odds of twin pregnancy. If you have BMI(Body Mass Index) greater than 30 or if you are taller than the average female, you might be a twin mom. It is that the IGF (Insulin like Growth factor) is possibly higher in these women which in turn increases the ovulation rate.

Assisted Conception

If you are undergoing fertility treatments(IUI, IVF, ICSI etc.,), you will be in-taking several medicines to increase your FSH which in turn will increase the ovulation. Thereby you have very high chances of having twins or even multiples.

So these are the some of the probable reasons which can trigger your doubts that you may be pregnant with twins. And above all that, nature can make you a twin mom even without any of these conditions!! It’s a blessing!

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Early Symptoms which can Hint Twin Pregnancy

In addition to the above discussed factors, few of the early pregnancy symptoms can also clue you about having Twins. Though not definitely, still they can suggest that you might be pregnant with twins.

  • Very positive or too early home pregnancy test result.
  • Extreme morning sickness.
  • Very high HCG levels (Pregnancy hormone).
  • Very frequent urination.
  • Intense mood swings.
  • Speedy weight gain.
  • Double heart beat heard around eight weeks.

Except for the double heart beat, all the symptoms mentioned above can still be seen in some moms carrying a single fetus. There is only one thing which can certainly confirm your prediction and it is an ULTRASOUND SCAN.

After all, we are always excited about the baby or babies we are going to have and would love to predict any detail about them. We will have an uncontrollable imagination about our future kids. We will be too exuberant about the MIRACLE that is going to happen. And you know,

Miracles some times come in PAIRS

Are you a twin mom or pregnant with twins? Did you predict them earlier? Which factors helped you to suspect about a Twin Pregnancy? Share your valuable experience in the comments section and support fellow mom-to-be friends.

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Are you pregnant? Wonder what can be your chances of having twins? Check out some intriguing factors and early symptoms which could hint a twin pregnancy.

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22 thoughts on “What are Your Chances of Having Twins?

  • Elizabeth

    A new baby is so overwhelming. Two at a time would be a challenge. I’ve thought it might be nice to get a two for one deal out of pregnancy though (I do not enjoy pregnancy) but I suppose the pregnancy itself is harder. Interesting post for sure!

  • Justine June

    WOW! I’m pregnant with #3 (only one in my belly!) but my friend would joke that I would be having twins! I didn’t even realize how simple… common… easily? twins can happen! I do not have twins, but I have a friend who had a son, got pregnant with twins, then got pregnant with twins again! No twins ran in her family, I suppose she was just extremely fertile!

  • Tiffany

    I am pregnant with twin right now, and it was definitely a shock! Twins are not present on either side. I laughed when I read about the early positive test tho, not because it was wrong or anything, simply because we had two negative tests and did not get a positive result until almost 21 weeks! No one knows why! Didn’t find out it was twins for a few weeks after that. Also, I was on the depo shot for five years before this so I don’t even know how we got pregnant NVM with twins! We are just counting them as miracle children! Btw..we already have four kids!😵 Three boys and a girl, with two more boys on the way! Luckily the other kids are older! Two oldest turn 16 and 11 soon there’s a 7yo in the middle and our youngest (and only girl!) just turned 5! This pregnancy is definitely way different than the rest, no doubt about it, the sickness has been awful, I have no appetite and I’m Soo tired so much earlier! (26w now). I was intrigued by the fact that u mentioned being tall as a possible factor, because although I have fairly tall women in my family (5’8-5’11) I am the only one who is especially tall for no apparent reason (I’m almost 6’3). This is something really cool for me to look into or even just think about. It would make absolute sense tho that whatever made me extra tall could have something to do with my conceiving twins! Wish us luck!😎😊

    • Janani Viswanathan Post author

      Hi Tiffany! U r having an incredible parenting journey (four + two on the way, I am jealous of u now LoL :)) and I am certainly awestruck. Am definitely sure that you are going to be a wonderful twin mom. I would like to convey my best wishes to u and ur family!! And You are right, sometimes it is totally strange ‘How on earth did I conceive with Twins?’. What I have listed are some of the scientific reasons for twin pregnancy. But believe me getting pregnant with twins is certainly a GIFT straight from God. And I am so happy that u r one among them. Happy Twin Parenting!! After settling down with twins you can share ur experience of raising twins with our fellow twin parents through our ‘Meet the Twin Moms’ section. I will be so glad to feature you. 🙂

  • Samlou

    I had twin girls 19 years ago, I also had a son 3 years older. Pregnancies both the same, no morning sickness or huge weight gain (14lb first time 28lb with twins). First my husband and I knew it was twins was at first scan at 20 weeks! (Live in UK) That was a shock. Only thing I had slightly different were the odd palpitation, but once I found it was twins and I slowed down they stopped.