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Are you carrying twins? When will you know that? Do you know the symptoms and their severity? What can you expect in the first trimester of twin pregnancy? Click through to read more.

How would you feel if you are carrying twins in the womb? Have a deep breath, your roller coaster ride is about to start!!  Carrying twins is significantly different from carrying a singleton baby. There will be incredible changes happening within your body and mind in the first trimester of twin pregnancy. Read more to know it all.

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The First Trimester of Twin Pregnancy

The first trimester covers 1-13 weeks of your pregnancy. There are many factors which will indicate that you are carrying twins even before you get your first ultrasound scan.

The Early Indicators

Every pregnant woman will have her own kind of pregnancy symptoms. It can be anything like,

  • Morning sickness(nausea)
  • Vomiting
  • Food aversion (or) Food craving
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Mood swings
  • Headaches
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heartburns/Indigestion and more.

If you are facing any of these pregnancy symptoms in double and quite early then you may fairly assume that you are carrying more than one.

An early and very positive pregnancy test, high HCG levels, excessive urge to urinate, very tender breasts, speedy weight gain, intense mood swings and unmanageable tiredness are other signs of twin pregnancy.

Double is the joy, so double is the pain!

Some of you may feel hunger all the time. Nothing may suppress your need to eat. Yes, that could be because two of them are demanding more from your womb. Some may have a very bad food aversion. You will feel like throwing up even if you smell food. Uncontrollable food cravings or irresistible food aversion could again signal the presence of twins.

Confirming the Twin Pregnancy

Irrespective of all these early indicators there will be only one thing which can reaffirm if all your predictions about twin pregnancy were true. And that’s the ultrasound scan.

So by around six to eight weeks, you may have your first ultrasound. The presence of a double heartbeat will tell you aloud that you are pregnant with twins!

By now a lot of physical and emotional changes may be happening within you. The news that you are carrying twins may be overwhelming. You should be ready to face everything smart and bold. You have to become a super mom.

Cool down! I am not here to scare you away. All I wish to convey is, this twin pregnancy is going to reveal the great woman in you. So get set to bring her out.

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How to Care for your Twins?

If you are encountering food aversions during the first trimester of twin pregnancy, it shouldn’t in anyway stop you from eating. You have to eat more as you have to feed three(you and your two little dudes).  You may not like the food, but your twins will need it.

Same is applicable to those who may have severe vomiting. You might vomit, still, you should feed yourself with something every now and then. You should take good food with more vitamins, iron, calcium and minerals to help the healthy development of your fetuses.

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You would have seen the heartbeat of your twins in ultrasound scan around six to eight weeks. After this, your doctor might ask you to visit often to keep track of the fetuses’ development and your health. You might also be asked to take sufficient rest to avoid any complications during pregnancy and delivery.

Some moms with severe pregnancy sickness and uneasiness may have to opt for work from home or take a break from their work until things get better.

The Growth of the Fetuses

By the end of the first trimester of twin pregnancy, your twin wonders would have developed a shape with all the organs taking their form. At this point, you will be almost safe from the possibilities of miscarriage.

This first trimester of twin pregnancy will run off like this. At times, you would even wonder, “Are there really two fetuses in my womb? When will I feel that?”. But your tummy could be slowly speaking out the truth. It may be showing up fast compared to a singleton pregnancy. So you cannot hide much about your pregnancy even if you wish to.

Finally, you have crossed three months of your pleasant journey! The rest six months will fly away in no time! Don’t forget to check out the surprises that await you in the second trimester.

You can share your experience in the first trimester of twin pregnancy in the comments section. It will be of great help to fellow moms carrying twins.

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Are you carrying twins? When will you know that? Do you know the symptoms and their severity? What can you expect in the first trimester of twin pregnancy? Click through to read more.


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