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Chatting with the Real-life twin moms is a bliss. Today we have Ms. Kanika Jain sharing about her incredible journey with her twins at Meet the Twin Moms.

Welcome all again to Meet the Twin Moms series. Today we are having a leisurely chit-chat with an amazing twin mom Ms. Kanika Jain (Misha) from Panipat, India. She has 2.5-yr-old cute little twin girls and she will be sharing her invaluable experience of raising twins with us.

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Let’s hear from Kanika.

Kanika Jain, a top-notch Fashion Designer

Hello pals, 

I am a fashion designer by qualification with a post graduate degree from Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi. I was working with top designers when I got married to VARUN in 2010 and joined him in his business as the head designer of carpets and rugs. 

For the first 3 years, we didn’t plan for a baby as we wanted to know and enjoy each other. Then for a year, we struggled a little. Later, we were announced about my Twin pregnancy and were blessed with Twin daughters in 2014.

Since my girls turned one, I started blogging about fashion and beauty. Following that, I launched my own brand of homemade and personalized beauty products -“Ang-Tatva”

Kanika shares her experience and cognizance about Raising Twins

Chatting with the Real-life twin moms is a bliss. Today we have Ms. Kanika Jain sharing about her incredible journey with her twins at Meet the Twin Moms.

What was your first reaction when you found that you were carrying twins?

We were going through the infertility treatments and also my husband’s family has a history of twins, so we had this fear of having Twin pregnancy and the day the news broke, we were like “Fass gae” (caught ya)

Did you take any special care to cope up with your twin pregnancy?

Yes, I did not over exert myself for anything, didn’t do too much of stairs. All in all, it was a precious pregnancy and I didn’t want to leave any loophole to regret later. We wanted to complete 37 weeks anyhow and thankfully we did.

Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? If so, can you share your experience?

Yes, the next day I learnt about having twins, I suffered a severe stomach ache, followed by bleeding and head spins. My heart stopped as this pregnancy was too precious to us. For 2 weeks I was put on bed rest and that was the longest and toughest period of our life. But God was with us and our positivity gave us a good news that nothing went wrong. 

By the 15th week, I started having Edema (limbs swelling). In the 17th week, I started having bad skin allergies for which I had to take antiallergics for a long time. Also by the 36th week, BP started fluctuating.

Was there any difficulty during your delivery?

Doctors were cautious as I had very high BP and was fluctuating with medicines. But yes thankfully they didn’t need any extra blood or anything.

Were your twins born Premature? Did they stay in NICU? How did you handle the Prematurity and NICU journey?

No, they completed full 37 weeks before popping out. By god’s grace, we didn’t need any NICU.

How did you handle their infant stage (0-1 yr) and save your sanity? Can you share some tips?

  1. I hired a 24-hour help. Mostly I used to do the kids work myself to ensure nothing is taken carelessly. But still, I believe asking for help from family or maids is the best. There is no point going insane and ruining ourselves. 
  2. From day one, we kept their routine together, so when they used to sleep in the daytime, I used to sleep or rest or do whatever I liked.
  3. We used to take them along to anywhere we went so that they learn to be social. That worked for us as we have a big family and lot of functions always piled up. My kids have always enjoyed outings that ways.

Are there days when you were overwhelmed with the mommy guilt and felt that you couldn’t do justice to your twin mom role? If so, how did you overcome this?

Yes, lot of times I felt I couldn’t achieve the perfect mom levels. Having twins made it difficult to take care of them and myself. I usually overcame it with my husband’s love and support. He never left me to feel on my own.

Do you have any tips for breastfeeding twins? Did you feed them formula? What routine did you follow to feed your babies during the first year?

Yes, we did feed them formula as my supply was not that enough for both of them. I used to tandem feed in the morning after bathing them. Then I would alternate formula and breastfeed for both of them.

How did you handle their sleeping pattern?

It was little tough to make them sleep together. So one by one was our way out or one I use to make sleep and second baby my maid or MIL used to help with.

What was the toughest challenge that you faced during their toddlerhood and how did you handle it?

Their tantrums and stubbornness for chocolates and ice creams are really really tough. We are still struggling to overcome that. But yeah making them understand the harms and few stories on how kids got sick and have cavities because of sweets is helping us a little.

How did you potty train your twins?

Still struggling but yeah totally throwing away diapers is the only way. So as their summer break started, we have also started the training properly and they are doing really good. 

What is the one thing that you admire from their twin bond?

They can’t stay away! If you give something to one, she won’t leave unless she takes it for her sissy. This is something I can die to see every now and then. They will be there for each other always. 

Do they fall sick together? How do you handle their sick days?

Yes, they do. Especially one of our girls has enlarged Adenoids and is usually sick and the other one gets cross-infected. 

We just try to keep days as normal as we can. They are brave girls and cope up good with not feeling well situations. 

Twin Moms have to be different but are often judged for their varied parenting style. What are the unique challenges that you encounter in your society as a twin mom and how do u deal with them?

The major issue we faced was when I wanted them to have a little routine from 3 months of age. Routine as in fixing sleep pattern and feeding at proper intervals. My family didn’t approve of that and I had to constantly make them understand.

Then when I wanted to follow BLW(Baby Led Weaning) I was labeled to be an indifferent mother who doesn’t want to spend much time force feeding kids for her own comforts. But that’s all ok. That’s the part of being a mother. People will object, but you need to decide what’s best for your baby.

My girls used to self-feed pasta with forks at the age of 11 months. Today at the age of 2.5 they eat anything and everything by themselves, they are not picky eaters at all. If they are hungry they will come and ask me for food.

Did you separate your twins in school or did you have them in the same class? Which worked for you and why?

They are going to the same school, same section. Till now I don’t find a need to keep them separate. They have a lot of friends other than each other and are doing great. 

In fact, I love looking at their school album where they are together so many times. It will be tough to handle two different school concepts and home works I believe.

How do you describe your life with twins?

I think at least God acknowledged my life by blessing me with my girls. It’s too overwhelming and tough sometimes but truly rewarding. Seeing them grow together hand in hand is the ultimate bliss. I can never thank my destiny enough for this. 

What will be your supporting words for new twin moms?

I would say God chooses very few of us whom he feels capable enough to handle twins. This definitely doesn’t mean anyone is less but yes keeping sane and happy with twinnies is definitely tough and commendable. 

You are awesome, so God blessed you double.

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