mashed banana

Mashed Banana – one of the best infant first food

Banana is called ‘Poor man’s fruit’ considering how cheaply and easily it is available for everyone. But if you understand the benefits of banana and its nutritious value, you will soon realize it is the King of all fruits. Bananas have a natural sweet taste and texture which can make your […]

Vegetable soup

Vegetable Soup – all veggies in one pot

Fresh, green vegetables in your daily diet can add plenty of nutrients to your body. An easy way to add variety of vegetables to your meal is through a homemade vegetable soup. In this recipe, I will describe how to make an easy, homemade, delicious vegetable soup. Taking vegetable soup during […]

beetroot juice

Beetroot Juice – a simple healthy drink

Beetroot as it looks, is a gorgeous red vegetable and has variety of health benefits to add to its crown. Also known as beet, it is a super veggie which will cleanse your body, purify blood, increase lactation, boost your stamina, fight infections and has anti-cancer properties. In this recipe, I will explain a […]