Mashed Banana – one of the best infant first food

mashed banana

Banana is called ‘Poor man’s fruit’ considering how cheaply and easily it is available for everyone. But if you understand the benefits of banana and its nutritious value, you will soon realize it is the King of all fruits. Bananas have a natural sweet taste and texture which can make your babies fall for it. Thus banana qualifies and finds place in the list of your best infant first foods. Here I am presenting to you, a very simple mashed banana recipe which can benefit your baby in many ways.

If your twins are premature, you might have to delay in starting the solid food. Discuss with your pediatrician and decide on when to start and what to start? Whatever may be your choice you should follow these standards.

  • Start one vegetable or fruit or cereal at a time.
  • Never feed two new things at the same time. If in case there was an allergy, you wouldn’t know which one caused it.
  • Give 3-4 days gap before starting another new food.
  • Start with a minimal feed. Give 2-4 spoons per day for 3-4 days.
  • Make sure your baby is comfortable with the food or its ingredients and doesn’t have any side effects.
  • Slowly increase the quantity in the consecutive feeds.
  • Once the baby is good with different veggies or fruits or cereals, you can mix them and create new recipes.

Every baby is unique. So don’t be with the assumption that you will be feeding your twins with the same food and the same quantity. Their taste palettes and tolerance for different foods may firmly vary. Note their preferences and feed them accordingly.


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Mashed Banana
Mashed Banana is a nutritious simple easily digestive first food for infants
mashed banana
Course Baby Food
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 5 mins
Course Baby Food
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 5 mins
mashed banana
  1. Peel the ripe banana skin
  2. Cut Banana into slices
  3. Mash the banana with your clean hand/fork finely and make sure there are no pulps
  4. Your baby's mashed banana is ready.
Recipe Notes


  • Choose the right kind of banana which is ripe.
  • Add 2 spoons of mother's milk or formula while mashing the banana. This will add texture to the food and the baby will also have a familiar taste.

Nutrient values


  • contains potassium, fiber, sulfur, iron, calcium, copper and magnesium phosphorous.
  • is rich in vitamin A, C, B6, B12 and D.
  • is easily digestible, controls diarrhea and  treats constipation.
  • improves muscle function and bone development.
  • helps in cleansing the urinary tract off the toxins.

Side effects

  • Bananas generally are not allergic. However every child is unique and can develop allergies to any food. So start with 3-4 spoons of mashed banana per day and see if your baby develop any adverse reaction. If everything goes well for two to three days, then your baby should be comfortable with bananas and you can increase the amount of feed.
  • There are contradicting remarks about feeding banana to a baby having reflux. Its better to get an opinion from your pediatrician before starting with bananas, if your baby has reflux problems.

Ideal time to start with the solid food for babies is said to be after 6 months. Always consult with your pediatrician about when to start and what can be added to your infant's solid food diet.

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